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Yahoo card capturer



Yahoo card capturer is very useful tool for memorizing cards whenever you play hearts or spades card games at The basic features are

For using a capture move main window on yahoo game into top-left corner, make last trick visible and play the game.


You'll see two screenshots for hearts and spades games below.

Elements of the window

Top part of the window shows stored tricks during the current hand. Tricks goes for up-left to bottom-right.

Middle part of the window consists information about cards which still left in the hand. Cards which player has consider as absent ones. For example on the picture you'll see that only 2,3 a left in diamonds. In brackets number of recent cards in a suit is showed.

Hearts scores. In center you'll see number of recent scores in current hand it equals [25]. Other concerns four players. For each player you have got a string consists of two parts, number of score got in all hands(including current one)[number of scores which player got in current hand]. For example, down player has -4 points at the moment and he takes -9 points in a current hand. So for all previous hands he took 5 points.

Spades tricks. Vertical card shows how many tricks need to take up and down players to make a contract. If this number less than zero then players overtake tricks, in this case number shows minus number of bags. Horizontal card shows the same for left/right players. On the picture up/down players make a contract and have no bags. Left/right players need to take one trick to make a contract. Number 3 means that three tricks left in the current hand.

Inside yellow rectangle program shows how many times all players leads in a suit, two times in clubs, spades, diamonds, and didn't lead in hearts. Other four regions describe the same information for each player plus information about potentially suits ownership. If suit picture is showing then player can have the suit, if not then he has no a suit. On a picture right player has no diamonds as well he led one time in a clubs and one time in a spades.

Passed and obtained cards. For hearts in some deals you need to pass three cards before starting new hand. In the picture you can see that you passed queen of clubs, ace of spades and nine of hearts and obtained nine of clubs, jack of clubs and king of diamonds.

Store games to html file

Store games will work only if 'store hand' turned on. This feature can be switched in options menu. This feature is useful for analyzing other players game. You can see example of report for hearts and spades.

Not all of the hands could be stored in hearts game. If somebody press TRAM (the rest are mine) then hand couldn't be stored. For spade game all hands will be store because tram isn't possible.

One file will be store for one session of the program, so file could include a lot of hands both hearts and spades. File name consists of data and time so you can't afraid about file overwriting. In html file you'll see down indices 's' and/or 't' for cards on the table. Index 's' means that it was start card in a trick, index 't' means taker of trick.


To show what each part of the screen means just turn on tips. Use menu options/view status bar.


Versions history

1.1 28 11 2010
yahoo changes
1.0 ** 5 2008
very first version