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Wise minesweeper and Sweeper helper


Minesweeper helper

Wise minesweeper


Programs Minesweeper helper and Wise minesweeper are helpful tools for minesweeper palyers. They can set up flags and will open cells in a lot of simple situations. Wise minesweeper is a stand-alone application, it opens cells and setup flags on it's field. Minesweeper helper is a helper for standard minesweeper game of the windows system. Minesweeper helper will automatically find sweeper game window and operate with that application. This program has no options. Options of automatic setup flags and automatic mode are always turn on. It's very simple to use Minesweeper helper. Just run Minesweeper helper application, then run Minesweeper form windows, then play. Below standard sutiations where programs will play automatically are described.

Automatic set up flags

Let's see on the pictire.
Digit 1, which are showed by arrow, has only one cell which isn't open. It's obviously that current cell is bomb. The "automatic set up bombs" option will set up flags on the field for you. Menu game/another... opens dialog panel which has check box "Automatically set up flags". It switch on/off that mode.

Automatic mode

Here another standard minesweeper's position. One has got flag and many ones around it. If we are sure that this flag is right then we can open some squares, at least cells which marks by black squares inside them. Automatic mode will do it for you. Menu game/another... open dialog panel, which has "Automatic mode" check box.


One can set up automatic set up flags and automatic modes simultaneously, but game will be too fast. If both modes are active then record times will not be save.

Records changing

If one just need to change record of minesweeper run regedit.exe application and then fund section HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\winmine. One'll find champions a record times. The other way run regedit.exe and find string "winmine"