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Mathematical programs


Fractals screensaver which draws nice fractal pictures

Expression parser of strings like sin(pi/4) is written on c++, java and javascript

Scientific calculator is written on c++, java and javascript

Plotter helps you for online drawing of the graphs using standard y(x), polar r(a) or parametrical x(t), y(t) coordinates

Matrix library If you need work with matrices this program for you. I've wrote c++ class Matrix and define simple operations which are addition, substraction, multiplication, division etc. It's not a program it just c++ code

Big numbers library Helper C++ classes to perform operations with big signed and unsigned integers of arbitrary precision. Template class Fraction presents rational numbers

Memory library Helper C++ template class for the automatic allocation and deallocation of memory for the one, two or three dimensional array

C++ library for working with Excel files Creation, deleting, editing of xls files, without #import instruction