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Alexey Slovesnov homepage


This homepage contains several programs which mainly concern logical games and mathematics. Almost all of them are freeware with open source code. Please be free to write me questions, critics, wishes et cetera. If you want to offer me a job please contact with me.

Fast and powerful bridge double dummy solver
Optimal algorithms for mastermind and bulls-cows games
Fractals screensaver which draws nice fractal pictures
Expression parser of strings like sin(pi/4) is written on c++, java and javascript.
Scientific calculator is written on c++, java and javascript.
Plotter draws graphs using standard y(x), polar r(a) or parametrical x(t), y(t) coordinates.
Words is helper program for searching interesting words from one or two dictionaries.
Color Lines Here you can play lines but it's not a simple game. At any time you can see advice of computer. It plays ifself quite well. Who plays better you or computer? Old algorithm version on javascript and on java.
Educational site for bridge players, I'm one of the co-authors
Solution of reversi game 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 (β version)
Reversi/Othello Here you can play reversi with computer. Source code is open.
Matrix library If you need work with matrices this program for you. I've wrote c++ class Matrix and define simple operations which are addition, substraction, multiplication, division etc. It's not a program it just c++ code
Memory library Helper C++ template class for the automatic allocation and deallocation of memory for the one, two or three dimensional array.
Big numbers library Helper C++ classes to perform operations with big signed and unsigned integers of arbitrary precision. Template class Fraction presents rational numbers.
C++ library for working with Excel files Creation, deleting, editing of xls files, without #import instruction.
Universal betpot Helpful program for poker players
Wise minesweeper I like play minesweeper but it has some disadvantages. In my program one can play automatic mode. Sweeper set up flags and opens many cells for you. Minesweeper helper helpful program who want to play standard windows minesweeper. Just run minesweeper helper application then run minesweeper from windows and enjoy the game.
Yahoo card capturer Helper program for counting cards and some other useful informations when you play hearts or spades at site.