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Fractals screensaver

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This program draws randomly about 100 types of fractals and other nice pictures. Program realized on VC++/MFC (as screensaver and as standard window application) and on Java (as applet and image store console application).

Screenshots of the program

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Screensaver installation

By default program should make itself as default screensaver. But if you have problem you need to copy Fractals.scr file to special directory

If windows still doesn't see Fractals screensaver, try to find files with scr extension and move Fractals.scr file there. Select properties of you screen and make Fractals as active screensaver.

Screensaver deinstallation

If you have problems with uninstall procedure just remove Fractals.scr file from the directory where you had unpacked the screensaver.

Java applet

Versions history

version 2.02 14 november 2012

new fractal types added MOROZOV71, MOROZOV64_1, MOROZOV64_2, MOROZOV64_3, NEWTON, NEWTON1, NEWTON2, NEWTON3, NEWTON4
java/c++ code optimization
remove bug with applet stop for java
added fractal gallery on webpage

version 2.01 3 may 2012

new fractal type added FRACTAL_TREE
java code optimization

version 2.0 14 february 2012

change drawing for some not good-looking RG_ enums
added many new types of fractals (triangle plasma & split for triangle & rect plasmas,two new types of plasma superposition, surfaces2d and surfaces3d, pinwheel, pythagoras tree, some others)
improved addMask function
improved DrawIterativeCurve function
use bitmap functions instead of setpixel()
add transition (function & thread)
add installer
add double buffering
add explore mode of mandelbrot & julia sets
size messages proceeding
add minmax message

version 1.61 22 january 2012

Code aslo available on Java.
Small bugs fixed.

version 1.6 19 january 2012

Added many types of fractals.
Remove support of project in the Russian.

version 1.5 13 december 2007

Support not only 32 bit color.
Redraw pictures using timer, because of too fast drawing on the fast computers.

version 1.4 8 january 2003

Registration removed.

version 1.3 27 august 2002

Acceleration of drawing pictures. Approx 2.8 times faster.
Support only 32bit True Color.
Support continuous palette for animation.
Creating Russian version of webpage of program.

version 1.2 25 august 2002

Translation interface from Russian to English.
Creating English version of homepage of the Screen saver.
Registry was added.

version 1.0(1.1) 26 april 2002

Raining glass was added.