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Bridge studio



This program is free fast and powerful solver of bridge double dummy and preferans problems. The basic features are

If you are interesting of using of solver for bridge competitions you can view additional features.


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Interface language

By default language of the interface is english. There are english, russian, italian languages available at the moment. You can manipulate by the language using Options/load language file submenu. Language is stored in special lng file which has simple format. So if you want to add new language please create your own lng file and send it me.

Note. Current language will be stored automatically on exit.

Browse pbn and deep finesse files

The solver has feature load the problems from pbn (portable bridge notation) or deep finesse files. Pbn format is the international standart for bridge notation. Usually pbn file includes several double dummy problems. If you'll browse pbn file the solver show you dialog panel which includes number of the problems in the file. The dialog has first/last next/previous buttons for navigation. Current problem is showed in the main window. Chose the problem which you want to solve and close the dialog.

Setup new problem

To setup new problem select menu item Problem/New or press Ctrl+N. After it all of the cards will be on the West. Now click on the cards which you want to move to the north. When north will have 13 cards click on the cards which you want to move to the east. Finally click on the cards which you want to move to the south. If you click on the card which has north, east or south then card will move to the west. As well you can drag the cards to north, east, south or to the absent region. After it setup trump or non-trump game by clicking on the picture of trump and player who will make first move by clicking on the arrow on the table. If the first move already have done then drag current card to inner rectangle. An arrow in the inner rectangle will show on the next player. You can do the second move etc.
Note. It's possible to setup the problem where each player have 1..13 cards. For example each player can have 8 cards or it's possible to setup double dummy problem with no first very first turn.
If you press ctrl+left mouse button then the card move to the player to whom you move last card. Let you need drag cards 2 3 9 10 6 to north. You can drag every card to north, but it's possible to do it easier. Drag 2 of spades to north, after point to 3 of diamonds and press ctrl+left mouse button. 3 will go to north. The same you can do with other cards.

Problem analysis

Press button or click right mouse button to find best move. The solver will show you best move, time of calculation, number of tricks for each side if they will play optimally. Now you can press or right mouse button second time or do the move yourself, by dragging the card from current player to inner rectangle. You can undo the moves, just click on the inside card. One can undo several moves by clicking on the not very last card. There are helpful buttons undo all, undo, redo, redo all.

Problem edit

One can change all problem parameters such as trump, card position in the middle of the game. Press menu problem/edit problem or Ctrl+E. After it you can move cards, change trump and first turn.

Save/Add problem to html file

This option is useful for publication problems in the internet, and for printing. It's possible to store problem with or without pictures.

saved by bridge studio
A 8 5 4
A 7 6 5 4 3
3 2
Q J 7 6 -
-  7 K Q J 10 9 8
K Q J 10 9 8 7
K Q J 10 9 8 A 6
K 10 9 3 2
A 6 5 4 3
5 4

When the solver stores the problem it adds html-tag <p> to file, for example, for this problem it's add <p id=102> to html file. So you can refer to task. You can store the problem with best move and/or number of tricks in optimal game. Below you can see the same problem, but stored with best move and number of tricks.

best move 3
saved by bridge studio
A 8 5 4
A 7 6 5 4 3
3 2
Q J 7 6 -
-  7 K Q J 10 9 8
K Q J 10 9 8 7
K Q J 10 9 8 A 6
K 10 9 3 2
A 6 5 4 3
5 4

Note. If you store the problem with best move or with number of tricks then you should wait until program find best move. It can take some time.

To store more than one problem to one html file you should use menu item problem/add problem to html file and select required html file.


One can convert library of pbn, deep finesse, bts, pts files to html. It's useful when you want to store hand or library to html file. To do it select menu problem/converter next select files which you want to convert to html. One can select any number of files which you want to convert. Click convert button.

Estimate all turns

This feature is very useful for problem analysis. The option is in option menu and has five possibilities.

Autoplay modes

One can setup autoplay mode using menu options.


To switch from bridge to preferans and vice versa use menu problem/bridge or problem/preferans
Note Game type automatically saved under exit.

Versions history

version 3.01 20 september 2012

setup font color manualy
setup card indent inside suit manually

version 3.0 11 september 2012

fixed bug with window size on windows Vista
fixed bug with LastTrick and Status windows placement for Windows Vista and Windows 7
added file association (bts,pts,pbn)
fixed bug with cursor capture
fixed bug with editing problem description
some flickers were removed
fixed bug with corners of cards
improve storing of html files
add italian language
add check that file with problem from library already exists
click on any player name in preferans to change player
click on any arrow rectangle to switch first turn (bridge+preferans)
remove many pictures (this produce shadows for some windows versions)
remove a lot of other bugs :)

version 2.23 8 february 2012

code is adopted for gcc compiler
small memory leak fixed
update mechanism is improved

version 2.22 17 may 2011

change saving type of html from unicode to image
add saving type of html without images
remove local references for pictures

version 2.21 5 february 2011

version 2.20 2 december 2010

version 2.19 10 june 2008

version 2.18 26 april 2008

version 2.17 13 december 2007

version 2.16 16 august 2007

version 2.15 30 july 2007

version 2.14 17 july 2007

version 2.13 4 july 2007

version 2.12 31 may 2007

version 2.11 30 march 2007

version 2.10 14 march 2007

version 2.9 9 december 2006

version 2.8 31 october 2006

version 2.7 1 october 2006

version 2.6 7 february 2005

version 2.5 4 november 2003

version 2.4 3 september 2003

version 2.3 18 july 2003

version 2.2 1 july 2003

version 2.1 16 june 2003

version 2.0 2 june 2003

version 1.2 28 april 2003

version 1.1 5 february 2003

version 1.01 16 january 2003

version 1.0 15 january 2003

History of preferans problem solver

At first program could solve only preferans problems. After the third version was issued I started to develop solver of both bridge and preferans problems.

version 3.0 13 july 2002

version 2.2 25 june 2002

version 2.1 7 june 2002

version 2.0 1 june 2002

version 1.1 20 may 2002

version 1.0 7 may 2002