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Universal betpot and layout manager


Important note. The developing of the project is suspended now until next notice because I've no sufficient time for support. Sorry for it.


This program was originally created as betpot and arranger program only for ongame network. Now its functionality grows up. The goal is do the same functionality for all most popular poker rooms such as poker stars, full tilt, party, ipoker network, microgaming network. Now program arranges tables in all six rooms/networks, betpot works for all rooms except party poker. Program works under every custom mod and under every language of poker client. Thanks to all who give me some helpful advice and found bugs. There is discussion on forum

Note for users of previous versions. Since version 1.03 comma key cann't be used as hotkey! If you used this key please redefine it.

Note for users of previous versions. Program has been renamed so it setups in another directory now. If you want to use previous config of ongamehelper just copy it from old directory (usually C:\Program Files\ongamehelper\ongamehelper.cfg) to new one (usually C:\Program Files\ubetpot)

Program features

Universal betpot is a program for automatic arrangement of the tables, setup hotkeys for fast playing (betpot functions) and some additional room depended functions. The basic features are:


Below some terms will be used so let me to explain them first

Support chart

Here you can see which functions supported by current version

pokerStars fullTilt party ipoker ongame microgaming
helper wnd
sng only
sng only
addons         sngwiz hm converter
autoclick buttons in games
autoclick buttons in poker client

Prerequisites and first run

You should setup "show fold warning" flag.

If you'll use betpot functions for other rooms then you should setup "show fold warning" flag if it's exists.

On the first run you should setup layout of the tables. Press settings and "layout management" button, next setup sizes and coordinates (details here), please setup other parameters if it is necessary

Setup layout configuration

You should set arrangement of the tables that program can place them correctly. It's possible to setup up to 32 tables. Every table has its own window number which give order of tables appearance. If new table appears then program find free place with minimal number. Lets we have positions for six tables from 1 to 6, for simplicity location of other tables isn't showed. If new table will appear then program place it on the table2 cell, because this cell is empty now.

Program tries to move tables to empty cells how it's shown on the picture below. If we have only five open tables and second cell is empty then program move sixth table in the second cell.

table window description

Note. Height of tables can differ from room to room for the same width! So after moving of the tables height can be changed by poker client

Helper windows for tournaments

For every tournament program shows window with additional information. It contains

Note. To change location of additional window you should press right mouse button on it and then drag it to appropriate position. Release right mouse button to fix location. Changing of location of the window is the same with windows of holdem manager.

Note. You can customize this window for every room or turn it off

Information in main window

In the bottom-right corner of main window there is combobox which defines room. Information will be showed for selected room.

poker client not found - poker client is not running
poker client found, tables not found - there is no tournament or cash game open, but poker client is open
New version found, you should download and install it! - program found new version of application you should download and setup it. Program will not work if you not use latest version.

In all other cases program outputs information which show statistics basically for tournaments. Now only ongame and fulltilt sitngos are supported.

If you play only tournaments then information includes

First line - common session statistics: rake, number of tournaments, (number of points), length of the session hh:mm
Second and all other lines: buy in, number of tournaments with current buy in, (number of tournaments with current buy in which still not finished) Example
33.5$ 19 (167.5 pts) duration=00:44
22$ 15 (6)
11$ 3 (2)
5.5$ 1 (0)
Example description
In the first line you can see that for whole session you've got 33.5$ of rake, played 19 tournaments and got 167.5 ongame points, you play 44 minutes.
Second line - you've played 15 games on limit 22$, six of them aren't finish.
Third line - you've played 3 games on limit 11$, two of them aren't finish.
Fourth line - you've played 1 game on limit 5.5$ and it is finish already.
Thereby now we take part in eight tournaments, six with buy in 22$ and two with buy in 11$ Note Tournament buyins shows in sorted (from high to low) order. Note Points count depends on the room. For ongame network program shows ongame points pts=5*rake, for fulltilt program shows fulltilt points, without happy hours, pts=10*rake

If you played only cash games during the session then information includes only length of the session 'duration=hh:mm'

Example. String duration=01:13 means that session is running one hour and thirteen minutes. If you play cash games and tournaments then all parameters will be counted only for tournaments except duration of the session.



Open config

Load parameters from config file

Save config as

Save parameters to config file

Note. Upon start program find all files with "cfg" extention. If there are two or more files program ask you to chose config. So if you don't want to see choice dialog box leave only one file with cfg extention.


Exit from the program


Setup program parameters


common tab

pokerStars tab

Poker client

fullTilt tab

Poker client

Helper windows (only for sit & go tournaments)

party tab

Poker client

ipoker tab

Poker client

ongame tab

Poker client

Helper windows (only for tournaments)


microgaming tab

Poker client


Common tab

Ongame tab


This button finds correspondence between numerations of sng wizard and holdem manager. Who use both this applications for analyzing knows that applications have different numbers for the same tournament in ongame network. This is the reason of difficulty for analyzing of the session. While you are playing the session program shows tournament numbers of sng wizard. To collate numbers you should select folder with history. It can be folder of holdem manager archive or folder where ongame client stores history. After that, program shows list of all finding tournaments. The information consists of three columns: sng wizard tournament number, holdem manager tournament number, buy in.

Two upper fields help us to find needed tournament. If you type first digits of needed tournament then program filters the list. You can type fist digits for sng wizard of holdem manager tournament number.

On the picture below finding correspondence shown


web help - сall online help about program
web help mirror page - сall online help about program (alternative site)
about - show information about program

Versions history

version 1.03(b) 28 april 2011

add automatical update without reinstalling of new version in most cases
one can use keys F1, F2, F3 as hotkeys. Because comma use as separator in party poker this key cann't be hotkey any more
add option allow arranger resize window to lower sizes
remove date checking bug
fixing bug with helper windows, sometimes doesn't disappear
remove system error 332 for some computers
add support mouse X keys
add notification option when minimized checkbox
add customize font/backgound color and font for helper windows
ante output changed
(ongame) arranger now don't resize window when additional pane is open
support cash games for party poker

version 1.02(b) 26 february 2011

program renamed to universal betpot
add arranger for stars, ftp, party, ipoker, microgaming
add betpot for stars, ftp, ipoker, microgaming
max number of tables now is 32
add helper windows and statistics for ftp(sng only)
add support of several config files
add options: run arranger/betpot on start, arranger/betpot notifications, always on top, minimize to tray on close, always on top helper, proceed double clicks
added start/stop betpot and arranger buttons
added start/stop betpot and arranger buttons
add many helper buttons for layout manager for fine tune
helper windows
remove flicker of them
improve moving when they are not popup
they can be more customizable now. One can setup order of items
they can be topmost or not topmost so one can play by cascade
poker client recognized without logon now
ante information output now in helper windows
bugs with raise/autoclick fixed
fixed bug with bwin (auto click buttons in poker client)
partially fixed bug with auto click buttons in tables

version 1.01(b) 7 february 2011

layout manager became simpler
setup position of poker client became simpler
add prohibition for bet pot keys
add two new keys toggles for arranger and betpot
keys pression improvement

version 1.0(b) 1 february 2011

very first version